Ryan + Lucas // Desert Engagement Part 1

Happy Almost Memorial Weekend!!! We are on our way to LA and Ventura for some wedding and engagement fun but are so excited to share part one of this shoot we did for some dear friends.

Ryan and Lucas are the best! We decided to make a day out of it and trekked out to Imperial Valley for some desert vibes. Despite small fears of getting run over by quads or more realistic fears like getting our Prius stuck in the sand and realizing we no longer have AAA (which did happen) or the fact that the little weather app promised temps of 90-100+, we assuaged our fears with Rose and snacks and coconut water, and it.was.good. Real good. California, you’re so cool!

Ryan and Lucas, you guys are the best! Thanks for laughing at our jokes, getting sand thrown in your hair (sorry Ryan), and being up for running around in the hot sun all day.

Big thanks to Miss Suzy Lee + Aloha Sunday for styling these two and making them look extra nice!

Molly + Brennen // Outdoor Engagement

Molly is one of the most cheerful, upbeat, delightful human beings you will ever meet.

Brennen is a way more legit version of Mike Ross and patiently enlightened us regarding the truths and fallacies of our latest binge watch.

Molly works for an amazing cause  and (fun fact) Chadwick shot her graduation announcement years ago!

Brennen has a heart of gold and even randomly spent his high school years tutoring Molly’s brother.

Their families love each other. They grew up in the same small town. I’ve got to imagine that everyone was pretty much just waiting for these two to get together. They know how to be silly together, to laugh together, and they adventure together. We can’t wait for their wedding and to see where life takes these two next! Molly and Brennen, come back to SD soooooon!

Elisha + Stephen // Joshua Tree Engagement

Elisha and Stephen are getting married this June.

They love our dog, Frank, almost as much as we do.

And they have one of the coolest stories ever.

Elisha has been best friends with Stephen’s sister for quite some time but it took a camping trip and a broken car to get these two together. Last year a group of their friends started Camp Wanamonth exploring new sites and getting away each month to camp and sit around the fire (I think we need to start our own chapter, any takers?) Things didn’t go exactly as planned as everyone was set to go home and Elisha’s car went out of commission. Stephen thoughtfully volunteered to stay behind and wait for help with Elisha which led the two of them to exploring the local saloon, chatting, and well getting married this summer! Naturally we had to go back to the scene of where it all started – just about a year ago in Joshua Tree.


Amelia and Mark’s wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake yesterday!

So much love for this wedding and this couple. They are truly sweet in the deepest sense of that word. They cared deeply for every person at their wedding and crafted a wonderfully intimate day. We’re sad we lost these two so quickly to LA but we know that they’re spreading joy wherever they find themselves. Amelia not only has impeccable taste but is also a pretty rad artist herself AND Mark has some pretty serious musical talents he tries to keep on the down low. My favorite part of their wedding was when Amelia discovered a tape recorder from Mark with her very own song that he wrote and recorded. I pretty much wanted to burst into happy tears. They are really perfect for each other. Their engagement session was also pretty fun too (check it out here and here)

Hollis + Coleman // Secluded Garden Wedding

Hollis and Coleman are two of the sweetest human beings we know. They both have a heart for people and for relationship and their wedding was such a picture of joy and loved ones coming together. We absolutely loved getting to hang out with them and snap some photos and are even more overjoyed with the fact that we get to call them neighbors.

Hollis and Coleman, you guys are the best. Thanks for trusting us to capture some moments of your wedding. We love you guys! And Coleman, you lucked out!