Nic + Iain // The Irish and the Yank

You guys! Thanks for all the love with our new site (and patience while we worked out some kinks!) We immediately collapsed after hitting launch last week and ran away to Austin for some much needed family down time (read – eating a lot of queso, drinking good coffee, sleeping in, and exploring amidst Texas storms) But we’re back and came home to a delightful surprise this morning… Green Wedding Shoes is featuring Nic + Iain’s wedding today! What a treat to have two features in two weeks! Thanks internet 🙂

Nichole and Iain and the whole team of vendors they hand-picked were all rockstars to work with. So much thought and careful detail went in to making this day wholly “them” which is honestly the sign of a wedding done well. Nic happens to be the owner of the rad company – Nic.Roc.Designs! Seriously check out her stuff, she’s killing it. You can see so much of her design background radiate through their theme – The Irish (Iain, legit Irishman) and the Yank (Nichole, sequin dress and all). From custom drink stirrers, engraved rings, party bags, emerald accents, pinata/pool/repeat, it was a party and intimate all at the same time. Check it out!

Elise + Kyle // Flying Caballos

Oh boy! This share is far overdo. We got to shoot Elise and Kyle’s rooftop engagement session and meet these two lovers over a year ago and had been on pins and needles until their wedding day. And it.was.amazing! They gathered all their closest friends and family at the Madonna Family’s (yep that Madonna fam) Flying Caballos Ranch in San Luis Obispo.

Quick recap: Elise and Kyle shared their personal vows during their first look and stuck to the traditional ones during the ceremony (brilliant). Elise surprised Kyle with his dream CAR that she had secretly been having restored for this day. Ummm never going to be able to top that one. The groomsmen rapped their entire best men speech (we may have filmed it and hidden it on vimeo…) and the ladies had their own choral performance + hilarious poems. Kyle surprise serenaded his bride at dinner and is a legit baker so he brought his own bread to serve. Elise and her dad MADE individual bread boards for every guests as their gift. There was an ice cream truck (need I say more?) Oh and there may have been an epic dance party to top it off.

Elise and Kyle, we love you guys and are so happy for you two. Hope you’re having the best time ever traveling and we better see you guys soon!

Ryan + Lucas // Desert Engagement Part 2

It’s been forever since we’ve posted! We are knee-deep in editing + new content right now but have been bad about taking the time to reflect and share. So here’s a double dose for you today.

We took a 24 hour vacay to Palm Springs and while it was everything we needed, it was also 115 degrees. But complaining about the heat doesn’t do much good so we’re trying to embrace it today (yeah 2nd floor, hot air rises, no AC in the office, whoop whoop!) But really, the desert is pretty fun to shoot in and so today we’re finally sharing part 2 of one of our faves – Ryan and Lucas (see part 1 back here). Who wants to go back and shoot there once it cools down??

Roselyn + Neil // San Diego Engagement

We have been hustling this month! But can I just say, it’s been so worth it. Our clients are the best! And so many of you have taken the time out of your own crazy lives to shoot us little sweet emails, or send cards of thanks and it really, truly makes us so so happy. We start every little weekly meeting we do by rereading some of your sweet words of affirmation and it’s just the best. So thank you for keeping us going. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now. Let’s be honest though, we do need breaks. So we are treating ourselves to a quick little 4 year anniversary getaway to Valle de Guadalupe tomorrow (wine country, people, check it out)! It should be 36 hours of pure amazingness and we are ready for it. Bring one the vino and local cuisine. (Shoot us some rec’s!) But we couldn’t take off without wrapping up some sessions and just had to share some of Roselyn and Neil’s engagement. They have such a sweet love for each other and their pup, Kobe ( #golakers) who tagged along. And how amazing is her skirt? They’ll be getting married at the San Diego Library later this fall and it’s going to be a good one!

Evelyn + Cody // Adobetown Wedding

Evelyn and Cody’s Rancho Guajome Adobe wedding is definitely going down as one of our personal faves. The amount of care and detail these two (along with their friends and family) put into this day was truly beautiful. Their style (her dress!), calm demeanors, and love for every attendee will forever be etched in our memories. Evelyn and Cody, you did it right. Thank you for inviting us in to such a perfect day.