Ceri + Richard // Wales Wedding Part 1

It’s not every summer we get to make new international friends, shoot in what can only be described as a modern-day castle, and dance the night away along the Welsh countryside with 100 of our newest UK friends. This wedding was everything.

Honestly the best part of it all was getting to know Ceri and Richard. The year or so of Skype calls, email updates, and even good ol’fashioned snail mail, made us feel like instant friends when we finally met this September. These two are epic hosts and took it a step further and treated us like family from day 1. They took us to their favorite places (2 days before their wedding mind you), made sure we were always well-fed and even went to the trouble to make Chad and I some much needed coffee after our travels (need to get on our tea game :). They even gave us this beautiful cottage room at the insane Dewsall Court estate where they stayed with their families the weekend of the wedding and welcomed us in to the late night snooker games and whiskey chats.  And then the wedding…

One thing we instantly were drawn to about Ceri and Richard is their love of good food and good company. They transformed their entire wedding months before the day to be an intimate ceremony at the local chapel with just 20 of their nearest and dearest. They made it wholly their own (#1 piece of advice for those planning now, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, it’s so much better that way!). They made time to wander the grounds together, to tell stories, to enjoy a long meal with just the wedding party and family, and they welcomed the whole crowd for an epic reception and celebration in the evening.

There is just too much to share in one post so we’re splitting it up today! Below you’ll find the morning of and ceremony. Mental vacay anyone? Enjoy. Oh and seriously add Wales to your list of must-visits next time you’re scheming to get out of town for real.