Skyler + Kevin // Healdsburg Wedding

Not even sure where to begin with these two… Basically, we’re just so thankful they saw us running around with cameras at this other dear loves’ wedding and decided to reach out when their own wedding time came along. Because, it feels like we should have been friends with Skyler and Kevin forever ago! We are so so glad we got to know them through their wedding journey.

1st off, Healdsburg is LEGIT! This was our first venture up there and I am seriously sold on finding a way to live there someday. It is gorgeous. Skyler and Kevin found the most idyllic property at Hoot Owl Vineyards and completely transformed the space to make it their own. You can also tell just how meant to be they are in that they both gave each other awesome, incredibly thoughtful gifts before the wedding. I mean, Kevin hand-carved that whale! We were impressed with how they were both so calm and completely joyful throughout the day, such a perfect model of how to enjoy + take it all in.

We are so in awe of their love for each other and were humbled to get to have such an insider’s perspective on this whole day. Skyler + Kevin, we love you guys to the moon. Seriously look in to moving to San Diego already!